Unlocking business success: How content pillars can accelerate your brand forward

Do you feel like you’re just missing the mark when it comes to creating content that resonates with your target audience? Do you struggle with generating content that’s engaging on your social media channels? If the answer is yes, then it’s possible that you haven’t identified the content pillars for your brand or business.

What are content pillars? 

Content pillars are the core themes and topics that define your brand’s content strategy. They guide your content creation efforts and help you connect with your target audience in an authentic way. For your brand to have a strong online presence, content pillars are the foundation that not only highlights your products or services but also communicates your values, vision, brand personality. 

Your content pillars normally consist of the most relevant topics for your industry and target audience and can, be composed of different types of content. Typically, brands will choose 3-5 content pillars as their focus for creating content, and then amplify across social media channels. 


How to define your content pillars 

Think about what your talking points are so you can map out content that will connect with your audience in a well-rounded way. Key points to think about: 

·        What do you sell? What are your products or services?

·        Why does your audience care about them?

·        How do you use them?

·        What are trends in your industry?

·        Are there different seasons or cycles for your product or service?

Let’s break these pillars into topics
Once you’ve established your content pillars, the next step is to break them down into bite-sized sub-topics. Think of it as building a content bank full of ideas that you can tap into when you’re feeling uninspired.

For example, if your content pillar is all about social media; within that you can explore a range of topics such as mastering LinkedIn, decoding Instagram Reels vs TikTok, what are the best social media tools, create eye-catching graphics using Canva, and so on. 

Brainstorming these ideas doesn’t have to be a solo mission, rally the team or engage a marketing agency and get the creativity flowing. Once you have your content pillars in place, the sky is the limit for generating captivating content! 


How will you present the information?

Once you’ve landed on a solid topic idea, it’s time to find the best format for presenting and sharing with your audience. Will a blog, email, video, podcast, graphic, or workshop work best? 

The best part about this approach is that content can be repurposed in numerous ways to reach even more people. For example, a video could be transcribed to a blog or newsletter, or even a post for social media.  

 By utilising this approach, you’ll have a single topic that can be shared repeatedly in different formats; meaning, you will always have something to say, without the task of creating new content each time. 

 Get ready to save yourself time and energy by repurposing content in new and creative ways!

The Marketing Syndicate create effective social media strategies for many of our clients including helping to identify solid content pillars for their business and brand/s. If you would like to discuss how we can assist your business or brand, please reach out for a free discovery session.