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Key Points To Help You Get Better Returns In Today’s Cyclical Shopper EconomyTMS IMAGEAs you may know, shopper marketing is currently in a state of turbulence, massive disruption and rapid-fire change.For the first time in history, the path to purchase is no longer linear. Yes, shoppers still experience the same stages of awareness, consideration, conversion and evaluation. However, they now jump back and forth between these stages in a looping fashion.For example…

  • In-store promotions might drive shoppers to social media, where they interact with your brand before making the final buying decision back in the aisle.
  • Or an innovative organisation might give shoppers the opportunity to purchase a personalised version of a product online. This helps build brand trust and loyalty, which drives in-store sales.

Even though the ‘moment of truth’ is when a consumer chooses one brand over another, the way shoppers get there has changed dramatically.

The question is: In this new economy, what does your brand need to consider before launching a shopper marketing campaign?

Here are some key points I believe are important…

1 – In a cluttered world, simple and elegant stands out

Supermarkets today are filled with thousands of different products.

The shelves are practically groaning with promotions and offers vying for attention. For shoppers this vast choice is often mind boggling. So much so that many default to buying the cheapest.

After working on campaigns for many of Australia’s leading consumer brands, I have found that the key to overcoming the clutter is clarity.

Your message should communicate in one quick glance what value your offer the shopper- whether it’s a trip to New York or free sports gear.

If it doesn’t, it’s too complicated.

2 – Be consistent

Consistent and careful branding is now more important than ever before.Shoppers today are hyper-connected. They see your brand across multiple channels – and any missteps are quickly picked up by eagle-eyed social media users.

One small slip can lead to a lot of bad publicity.

That’s why every campaign needs to be neat, simple and by the book, so no brand value is lost by wayward promotions.

The most effective way to achieve this is check your final campaign against core brand values like USP and audience beliefs.

3 – Know your audience

Just like the general population, shoppers are not all the same. Demographic shifts present opportunities for tailored messages whether that be based on ethnicity, age, families or singles. For example, millennials are well-known for taking pictures of what they eat and posting them on social media. They associate food with creativity… and to connect with them, you need to deliver content that appeals to this creativity.The same is true for other demographics. With so many marketing messages it’s imperative that shoppers feel that your brand ‘speaks to them’.Of course, this is only the beginning. They are many other things you need to consider before launching a shopper marketing campaign.If you interested in learning more, why not contact The Marketing Syndicate today for a no-obligation, complimentary consult.

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