Consumer promotion

A person holds a tablet displaying a colorful "spin to win" marketing advertisement with assorted prizes and an "enter now" button.
A magazine advertisement for Patties' "spin to win" contest, featuring a vibrant blue background with images of cash prizes and product shots, overlaid with glowing red text and graphics to launch the exciting event.
Smartphone displaying a launch advertisement for patties in Australia, featuring a prize wheel game with a "press to spin" button and images of product packs at the bottom.
Promotional hanging sign displaying "spin to win - prizes to be won instantly" for product patties, including a colorful graphic of casino elements and product images, with a website URL listed.
A refrigerated supermarket display in Australia filled with various packaged party mix snacks, all featuring "spin to win" promotional stickers.
Promotional marketing flyer for Patties Foods' "Spin to Win" contest with graphics of a prize wheel and product images, along with text detailing contest rules and brand achievements.
Case Study: Box of patties party pies with Australian currency notes floating around it, celebrating the product launch.