Integrated Campaign

Advertisement poster for milbemax showing the eyes of a cat peeking through a cut-out in brown paper, emphasizing protection against worms, with product images and information at the bottom.
Advertisement featuring a close-up of a black and white cat peering through leaves with text about cat deworming products and the elanco brand logo.
Advertisement for milbemax cat dewormer featuring a close-up image of a black and white cat with text about worm protection and product packaging displayed.
Advertisement showing a cat peeking out from a pink blanket with text about milbemax cat dewormer, including efficacy details and packaging images.
Three storyboard panels depicting a cat's interaction with a robotic vacuum cleaner, showcasing different scenes and camera angles.
Person using a laptop displaying cat photo on its screen, seated on a beige sofa with papers and a pillow next to them.
Two people adjust a curtain while another looks on, and a black and white cat sits by a robotic vacuum cleaner in a bright room.
Man bending over a box in a living room, being filmed by a professional camera on a tripod.
Two men operating a camera on a slider, focusing on an object displayed on the camera's monitor, indoors on a carpeted floor.
A camera on a tripod films a living room scene; visible on its screen is a sofa and table. a cat sprawls on the floor in the background.