Integrated Campaign

A person wearing a white shirt that reads "Choose well" points to the text. Two bottles of Blackmores Probiotics are shown below the text, highlighting the marketing genius behind this Australian agency’s latest campaign.
A strategic line-up of Blackmores probiotic products, including boxes and bottles labeled for women's flora balance, gut recovery, IBS support, kids' daily health, and general immune and digestive health. This range could serve as a compelling case study in targeted health solutions.
A smiling woman stands in front of a blue background, wearing a white T-shirt that reads "BLACKMORES Supporting healthy vaginal flora"—a testament to the brand's health strategy rooted in Australia.
A person smiling, wearing a white shirt with the words "Blackmores Relieving symptoms of IBS" against a blue background—a perfect snapshot for a marketing case study on effective health product promotion.
A smiling man in a white T-shirt points to text that reads "Restoring good gut flora" with the brand name "Blackmores" above it. The background is blue with faint biological shapes, showcasing a successful marketing strategy.
A man in a white t-shirt with "Blackmores Supporting Digestive Balance" printed on it, set against a blue background. He is smiling and pointing to the text on his shirt, showcasing an effective marketing strategy.
A young girl with pigtails smiles next to a box of Blackmores Probiotics+ Kids Daily Health, which supports kids' digestive and immune system health. She wears a shirt that says "Supporting immune health," showcasing a successful strategy in children's wellness.
Two tablets display an online health challenge registration page, showcasing a "4 week challenge" with images of people and text promoting a chance to win various health-related prizes. This engaging marketing initiative could serve as a compelling case study for wellness programs in Australia.