Brands emerging on TikTok

With more than 800 million monthly active users, Tik Tok is taking the world by storm. What started off as a popular app with young adults to show off their creative side, Tik Tok has quickly become a new platform for brands to advertise in new and exciting ways.

Tik Tok have noticed an influx in marketing activity and as a result have recently launched an advertising process as well as hyperlinking capabilities for brands. However, marketing that has been taking place on Tik Tok strays away from the traditional sense of advertising and leans further toward creating brand awareness and interacting with the younger audience through funny videos and challenges specific to the app.

A number of different brands have developed marketing strategies that tie in perfectly with the Tik Tok culture and appeal to younger audiences. Some brands, such as popular shoe brand Sketchers, have incorporated their advertising strategy with the current climate and have pledged to donate 10 masks to front line workers in the USA for every video on Tik Tok that uses the specified sound and hashtag #danceformasks, with a total of 1 million masks being donated. Other brands, such as Nivea have opted to create Tik Tok challenges based around their own brand. The Nivea Splash Challenge has a total of 54 million views on Tik Tok and has seen users recreate the iconic Nivea splash in an attempt to be reshared on the brands social media channels and website. Some brands, for example MAC Cosmetics, have simply used the platform to show off parts of their business that their audience may not have seen before such as behind the scenes at runway shows.

The emergence of new social media platforms such as Tik Tok have forced brands to communicate to their audience in a way that they may not necessarily have done before. Brands are now engaging with viewers in a more light-hearted way with a higher focus on trends occurring online with some aiming to create their own through hashtags. The Tik Tok trend won’t be going anywhere anytime soon meaning that brands that opt to not adjust their marketing strategy may be left behind – especially in a world where hopping on trends while they’re still relevant is essential.